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What is your biggest challenge today?

Most of us find that we spend an incredible amount of time “fixing problems” or “dealing with someone’s issues,” and not being very effective in our own positions. Many of us are not able to accomplish our own tasks or objectives because of conflicts, miscommunications, territorialism or insecurities. We become involved in that dynamic.
I suggest that through an assessment of our strengths, desires, weaknesses and potential, people overcome the barriers that prevent us from operating at our capacity. We are more fulfilled and more productive. People need to be listened to. They need to tell their stories. As managers and supervisors we don't have the time, nor are we equipped to provide the depth of the listening. As a coach and companion, I afford all your employees the listening and processing time they need and help them work through the crises, barriers and challenges, moving them to fulfillment and productivity.

Creativity and Innovation – Finding the spirit of purpose in the chaos…

How do you and your employees affirm the presence of visionary thinking? Where do you see out-in-front leadership in your department?
Again, most of us don't recognize others or encourage others to explore or think beyond their particular job focus. In fact, most employees want to make a contribution and feel unappreciated when their ideas are ignored or the environment prohibits creative thinking. Initiating and facilitating groups for study, discussion, conversation and exploration reveal so much about the person, build team and find leaders while exploring solutions to many company problem areas. Communication, conflict resolution, support, collaboration and relationship building are borne of this group work. It is valuable.

How do I arrange this work?

Make an inquiry for an initial consultation. This work is based on a best-fit process and is designed to be a collaborative engagement where the format is developed from input by a number of people. All suggestions and recommendations are taken into consideration. Typically a scope is determined based on the number of employees involved and a proposal is developed. Fees are determined from an agreement that outlines the work, such as development and delivery of workshops, one-on-one coaching and facilitation of group work. A proposal will recommend the estimated fees based on an hourly rate. This is a safe and confidential arrangement between professionals and seeks to provide good outcomes through honest communication.

Why Corporate Spirituality?
Employees naturally move toward better productivity as they are more fulfilled through a companioning process that explores their desires, talents and self-worth.
We explore questions like these:
What is the purpose of my work?
How am I contributing to the company and our greater society?
How can I become more productive and fulfilled in my job?
How are my values in alignment with my company values?
How can I work toward a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction?
How can I develop relationships that enhance my team?
The spirituality of our work directly impacts the recruitment and retention of good people. One makes significant investments in recruiting, training and keeping qualified employees and staff. The costs involved in turnover are significant. We know our employees are our biggest asset; let's protect our investment!

The Mentor and Companion
Jim Neppl, corporate spiritual consultant and facilitator, develops and delivers training programs, coaches and mentors executives and employees to enhance their capacity for fulfillment and productivity in their work environments.
Through his life experience, education, training and study, Jim brings over 40 years of his journey forward for the benefit of others. You will find him insightful, compassionate and a man of integrity who listens deeply and walks with you, right where you are today. Jim Neppl is on a journey. A journey to assist others in exploring their true self; a fuller understanding of servant leadership and a willingness to share his journey with you.

Leadership comes from within…

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